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Combe St. Nicholas
C of E School

Project Based Learning

What is

Project Based Learning?

At Combe St Nicholas, we teach the entire curriculum through a project based learning approach. Our unique curriculum model allows children to fully immerse themselves in purposeful, real-world learning. Each project has an initial hook, a road map through the learning and a real world project outcome. Each school-wide project has subject-specific learning such as history, geography, science, music, art or literacy embedded in it.

Through our project based learning approach, our aim is for our pupils to have an emotional link with a real world context to their learning and know that they are learning for a real reason. At the outset of the project, there is a discussion, led by the teacher, about the outcome of the project and the steps towards the final outcome are laid out on a road map. Each stage of learning is planned with the children, allowing them to see their next steps and have a voice in how their learning develops.

All of the writing the children do is linked to the project.

Maths at Combe St Nicholas is taught using the White Rose scheme of learning and real world, project based links are made wherever and whenever possible.

After the project is underway, there are opportunities for our children to collaborate, create and research the topic. Our children develop independence through managing their own time and workload throughout the week and throughout the project.

Finally, once all of the steps along the roadmap have been completed, there is always an outcome. This varies each time. Project outcomes in the past have been a museum exhibition in our school, a medieval banquet, a horticultural show, a remembrance book for the church and various presentations to industry experts. Parents, carers, family and the community are often invited in to the school to share in the celebration. The children have become experts in explaining their work and reflecting on their learning journey. Outcomes are always a special time and a great way to celebrate the learning that goes on at our school.